Ramon Valle (composer, piano), Berenice van Leer (vocals), Melanin Kris (poet), Caroline Cartens (soprano), Jota Papadopoulou (keys), Adinda Meertins (double bass), Nils Fischer (percussion), Enrique Firpi (drums )

About On the Shelves:
From Thursday, July 21, 2022, Omroep NTR will broadcast the television program “Op de
planks”. Each of the 14 episodes focuses on four performing artists from all over the world
of theatre, dance, spoken word and music. In addition to a registration of part of the performance or the
repertoire, the artists talk candidly and passionately about their work, their passion and the challenges in their
Discipline. All participating acts of Op de planks have been selected from the registrations to the platform
Culture explosion of NORMA, the rights organization for performing artists, such as actors, musicians
and dancers. The program is produced by Double 2 Media Productions.

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